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Parkview Homes is a residential community construction company based in Peterborough, ON. They came to us with the unique challenge of rebranding from their subsidiary company, Maplewood Homes. It was important to us and the client that we capture their day-to-day achievements on the construction site, and show that success to a growing audience. Parkview’s main goal was to increase brand awareness on Instagram and LinkedIn. We started with a base of about 200 Instagram followers and no Linkedin account. We had difficulty obtaining high quality photos from their team that we all agreed were reflective of Parkview’s brand.


Our solution for Parkview Homes was multifaceted:

  • Rebranded the company, providing them a fresh logo and new aesthetic.
  • Curated unique, original, on-brand content for posts and stories, and maintained a regular calendar.
  • Completed the creation of a LinkedIn profile, and updated existing social accounts with accurate office information such as hours, contact information, and profile logos.
  • Provided a dedicated account manager to stay active on the platforms, interacting with followers and other relevant accounts.


The result was a newly engaged page with over 400 unique engagements per post and a follower count nearing 1000 after just 3 months. We ended up procuring a drone and were able to capture a number of unique shots that the audience loved.

  • 700+ new followers (over 3 month period)
  • 400% increase in engagement (over 3 month period)
  • 300% increase in reach (over 3 month period)

Written by Gabrielle McLaren
Managing Partner of Boutique Media

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