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When we joined the Toronto Yoga Show, they were in a growth phase and swamped with on-the-ground preparations. They wanted to grow their brand recognition across social media but had little time or knowledge of leveraging the platforms.

The Solution

-Increased brand recognition by regularly curating various styles of content across multiple Instagram accounts, and Facebook

-Managed the reputation of the Show and Conference across Instagram and Facebook by actively interacting with both potential and secured conference presenters, show vendors, and attendees

-Organized, promoted, and executed giveaway campaigns across our platforms in collaboration with our presenters and vendors to collectively grow social following and revenue

The Results

-Posts began to consistently reach a 2-3% engagement rate, which means we had identified some of the most popular styles of content for the brand

-Commenting and direct messaging increased and became a regular method of contact for our presenters, vendors, and attendees to interact with us and each other, which means we curated platforms where they felt like their voices were heard

-Overall increase in following by nearly 30% during our partnership

Written by Gabrielle McLaren
Managing Partner of Boutique Media

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